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Talking About Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

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What Should You Do When Your Garage Door Is Dented?

Your garage door can take a beating over time. Dents are especially common and can easily affect residential garage doors.

There are many ways that a garage door can become dented. You might bump into the door with the bumper of your car. Your kids could hit the garage door with a ball or frisbee. 

Dents not only detract from the beauty of your garage door, but they can also interfere with the function of the door. Here are three things you can do to address dents in your garage door.

1. Assess the Damage

The first step in repairing a dent in your garage door is to assess the damage. The primary goal is to determine how serious the damage may be.

Dents can be small and hard to notice. They can also be severe and affect a significant portion of your garage door.

Minor dents can be addressed through tried and true DIY methods. Serious dents will need to be repaired by a professional garage door expert.

2. Fix Minor Dents

If your garage door has a small dent that you feel you can address yourself, it's important that you identify the material your garage door is made from first.

You can use the heat from a lighter and compressed air to fix a dent in an aluminum door. All you have to do is place a piece of tin foil over the dent and secure it with tape. Use the lighter to heat the foil.

Once the entire surface is heated, remove the foil and immediately spray the dented area with compressed air. The sudden change in temperature will cause the aluminum to expand, which pops the dented area back into shape.

Dents in a steel garage door will require the use of an auto body compound to fill in the dented space.

3. Let a Professional Repair Major Dents

Dents that affect a larger section of your garage door will need to be repaired by a professional. These dents will typically require that the damaged panel be removed from your garage door and replaced with a fresh panel.

Working with a garage door in this manner can be dangerous. A professional will have the training and skill required to remove the door from its tracks safely in order to make the necessary repairs.

Don't let a dented garage mar the aesthetic of your home. Address dents immediately to minimize their effect on the look and function of your garage door.

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