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Talking About Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Steve Thronwell. I would like to use my site to talk about garage door maintenance and repair services. Although garage door assemblies look relatively simple, messing with the wrong components could lead to catastrophic part failure or worse. I want to talk about the tools and techniques professionals used to provide garage door maintenance and repair services. I will also talk about replacement options to consider once the garage door reaches the end of its service limits. I hope you will visit my site on a regular basis to learn more about your garage door parts and structure. Thanks for stopping by.



Does Your Garage Have A Spring Problem And Need A Repair? Here Are 2 Fixes To Solve Your Problem

The torsion spring ensures that your garage door stays dependable and safe. It is a mechanical device that twists on its axis and winds around its center to release and gain kinetic energy. This process occurs as your garage door opens and closes.

A spring is a mechanical device, which means it can malfunction at any time. It usually lasts between seven to 10 years before needing to be replaced. If you need a garage door spring repair, then here are two options for restoring it back to working order.

The EZ-Set system

Many garage doors come installed with EZ set torsion springs. The EZ set system allows you to replace your springs without calling in a professional. It uses a winder that can be replaced using a drill. The EZ set spring system comes with a winder cone. It is located at the bottom of the springs secured to the winder. The torsion springs are located at the bottom of your door because the winder is held in place by the end bracket. The opposite side of the spring has a winding cone that does not move.

To fix your door, you have to replace the existing springs with DDM specially-gapped springs. The cones and spacer are reused and installed with the new springs.

The Standard Spring System

If you need to repair your torsion springs, then you may want to convert to a standard torsion spring system. In a standard system, the cone does not move, which is known as a stationary cone. It is attached to the springs using a spring anchor bracket. This bracket is attached to your wall, which means the cone does not move. The opposite end of the spring has a winding cone. The winding cone plays a major role in uninstalling, installing and adjusting your torsion springs.

Repairing And Converting To Standard

To repair and convert to a standard system, you have to install your spring anchor bracket next to your winder. The torsion spring has to be secured using standard cones. If you garage door comes with two EZ-Set springs, a coupler and a split shaft, then you need two spring anchor brackets. The anchor brackets should be installed on each side of the coupler.

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your garage door in working order. There are many things you can do to keep your door running smoothly without calling in a professional. However, if you are not skilled at repairs, then you are going to need a repair technician like one from AAA Garage Door, Inc. He or she can repair your garage door and provide maintenance.