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Talking About Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

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5 Reasons To Install A Garage Door Screen For Your Home In A Tropical Climate

Living in a tropical climate may mean higher temperatures than you are comfortable with, leading to you not wanting to spend as much time outdoors. The garage can be a wonderful area to do handiwork, keep your car, and do laundry, but not if it gets overwhelmingly hot. In order to reduce the heat in the garage, consider the benefits of getting a garage door screen installed so that the door can stay open without any negative side effects.

Protect Wandering Lizards, Frogs, and Snakes

Wildlife such as lizards, frogs, and snakes are quite common in tropical climates, and your garage may be the ideal habitat they are looking for to get away from potential predators. While these critters may find themselves right at home in your garage, they will likely run out of food, overheat once the door is closed, or even get stuck underneath the door. With a screen in place, the garage can be sealed off from any critters getting in.

Keep Insects and Spiders Out of Your Garage

Along with reptiles and amphibians potentially getting into your garage, insects are another thing you may need to consider. Bugs can accidentally enter your garage or even be drawn to it—especially when the light is on in the evening. By keeping pests out with a garage screen, you do not need to worry about being accidentally bit or any damage occurring to the contents in the garage.

Maintain a Lower Temperature

A common reason why you may not want to use the garage for any crafts or handiwork is due to how hot it gets. This is often because of the door being closed, leading to the air getting trapped inside, similarly to how a car can quickly overheat inside.

While insulating the door and adding ventilation fans are a few good ideas for reducing the heat in the garage, nothing beats the addition of a screen that can help keep air circulated.

Prevent Raindrops, Leaves, and Dirt Particles from Getting into the Garage

Debris regularly getting into the garage can be frustrating to deal with since you will need to sweep it out to keep the space clean. Raindrops can also get in the garage when the door is left open, leading to boxes and other items in the garage getting wet. The mesh screen can help prevent rain from getting inside, and will stop most debris so that the garage remains clean.

Enjoy an Appealing View from Inside Your Garage

With a screen installed for your garage, you get to enjoy the view of your front yard while spending time in the garage. Wildlife, people passing by, and the neighborhood can all be viewed with the screen in place, making any crafts or handiwork you do in your garage more enjoyable.

With all the benefits that come with a new garage door screen, do not hesitate to get one of these screens fitted for your garage door and installed. Visit a garage door company's website for additional reading.