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Talking About Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

Hello, my name is Steve Thronwell. I would like to use my site to talk about garage door maintenance and repair services. Although garage door assemblies look relatively simple, messing with the wrong components could lead to catastrophic part failure or worse. I want to talk about the tools and techniques professionals used to provide garage door maintenance and repair services. I will also talk about replacement options to consider once the garage door reaches the end of its service limits. I hope you will visit my site on a regular basis to learn more about your garage door parts and structure. Thanks for stopping by.



Four Things To Consider When Choosing Hurricane Shutters

If you're moving to an area such as Florida or Texas where hurricanes frequently occur, it's important to properly protect your home against these natural disasters. This typically means installing some type of hurricane shutters. Since these can be a bit expensive, you'll want to take the time to choose the right type for your home and family.

Permanently Attached or Removable

Some types of hurricane shutters are removed when not in use, while others are permanently attached to the home. For example, Bahama hurricane shutters are single panel shutters attached to the top of the windows and then propped open when not in use, while hurricane panel shutters are removable shutters made of aluminum or steel that you mount when needed, usually on a track system. This means you need a place to store them when not in use.

Contact a company like Door Depot Of SW Florida Inc if you have specific questions about how different hurricane shutters work.

Manual or Electric

Most types of hurricane shutters are manually put into place when needed, but some, such as roll-down hurricane shutters, can be shut with the push of a button as long as you have electricity. These are a great choice for people who are mobility-impaired or otherwise unable to manually set up their shutters when needed. Just be sure if you choose these you have a backup system so you can operate your hurricane shutters if the power goes out.

How Long Will It Take to Secure the House?

It can take quite some time to reattach removable hurricane panel shutters, but it doesn't usually take long to secure those that are permanently affixed to the home, such as accordion or Bahama hurricane shutters. Removable hurricane panel shutters may also require more than one person to put up, and it may be hard to get the panels in place if the original installation wasn't done well. Roll-down shutters are the fastest and easiest to use, but they are also among the most expensive. Whichever panels you choose, check to make sure they're functioning properly at the beginning of each hurricane season.

Do They Meet Local Codes and Insurance Requirements?

Once you've chosen the type of shutter you're interested, check the local codes for hurricane shutters as well as any requirements your insurance company may have for you to get a discount. In many cases you can find listings of which particular brands and styles meet your local requirements, helping to ensure you choose shutters that will keep your home safe and secure.