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Talking About Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs

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How To Clean And Maintain Accordion-Style Hurricane Shutters

If you live in a hurricane-prone state, such as Florida or Louisiana, there's a good chance that you have hurricane shutters on your home. While they are usually open to allow light into your house, you can easily close them in case of a weather emergency. The shutters are designed to reduce the impact of high winds on your windows, as well as keep flying debris from shattering them. 

One type of hurricane shutter is the accordion-style, which open and close on a track that is attached to your window frames or garage door. If the shutters are maintained properly throughout year, they should be simple to close quickly when a hurricane is approaching.

It's important to clean them on a regular basis to keep them in good working order. Check them to make sure they operate properly before the beginning of hurricane season. 

Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your accordion-style shutters:

1. Wash the shutters at least once a month or more, depending on weather conditions. Stop dirt, dust, air pollution from cars and other sources of debris from building up on the shutters by washing them with a solution of warm water and a gentle dish washing soap. 

If the shutters are particularly dirty, rinse them with water from a hose before washing to loosen the grime. Then, dip a soft cloth or sponge into the soapy solution and wipe it across the shutters.  Finish with a rinse of clear water. If you are cleaning second-floor windows, have someone stand at the bottom of the ladder for support during the process. 

Don't use harsh cleaners, such as abrasive scrubs or stiff brushes, which can damage shutter surfaces. If you need to remove mold or mildew from the shutters, you may be able to add a small amount of bleach to the soap solution. Check with the manufacturer to see if bleach is recommended on your shutter type before using it.

2. Clean the tracks as well, to make sure that the shutters can open and close properly. Falling leaves, small twigs, mud, dead bugs and other natural elements can build up in the tracks over time, so remove the debris by hand or a broom, or rinse it out with a hose. 

3. If the shutters don't run over the tracks smoothly after you clean them, spray a bit of silicone lubricant over the tracks. Spray some lubricant on the shutters's thumbscrews as well, to ensure that they will lock properly when you need them.

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